The wedding of
Minh & Hai

Our story

Some stories have happy endings. Let ours be never-ending.

  • Dedication

    Soviet Union 1980S

    Our story wouldn't be complete without our beloved parents. Back in those days, they were all exchange students, hers to Ukraine, his to Czechoslovakia. We wouldn't be where we are today, without their devotion, relentless hard work and a pinch of good luck afforded by the course of history!

  • Story begins

    Oxford Oct 2010

    When we first met, on the grounds of Worcester college, it was a late summer afternoon. Or at least it felt like that. She just started her first year, he was in his final. And both were equally clueless about where their lives would go!

  • Proposal

    London Nov 2014

    After a couple of years of medium-distance relationship, we were finally reunited in London, a city we were hoping will become newest of our many homes. Knowing that she was always up for a challenge, he took her to a restaurant atop the bright London skyline, with a puzzle to solve. Though it was a cold winter day, the "yes" in his ears and the ring on her finger both felt warm, just like that late summer day.

  • Next Chapter

    Oxford Sep 2017

    Almost 7 years later, we will find ourselves here in this place, where we first met and where we joined our lives together. We still have no clue what lies ahead of us, but here we are again, ready to do it once again. We are incredibly honoured that you could be with us to share this moment!

  • ...and

When & Where

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30th September 2017

Afternoon guests, 2:45pm for ceremony
Evening guests, 7:00pm for reception

Lady Margaret Hall

Norham Gardens
Oxford, UK


Oxford is just slightly over an hour away from London. If you are travelling from abroad, we recommend landing in Gatwick or Heathrow, as there are convenient coaches to Oxford.

Travel tips


Oxford is a beautiful city that can be explored in a day. If you would like to stay the night after the festivities, perhaps to roam around the city the next morning, there are a few options.

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